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Objective-C is a C-based objec-oriented programming language modeled after Smallttalk. For further details on the language, see Object-oriented Programming, An Evolutionary Approach> Second Edition 1986, by Brad Cox and Andrew Novabilsky; published by Addison Wesley Publishing Company. Or see the Objective C Mailing List.

Planning the Software Industrial Revolution
IEEE Magazine Special Issue on Software Engineering, republished with permission shortly thereafter in Byte Magazine under the intentionally controversial title, There is a Silver Bullet. Also see No Silver Bullet by Dr. Fred Brooks.Building Blocks of Silver by Tom Ochs contrasts the two viewpoints in Byte magazine.
Postion Paper
for the Ecoop'91 Workshop On Exception Handling And Oopls on using Action Expressions to ad Exception handling to C-based languages. This article shows why I started work on Action Expressions, Exception Handling, and Light-weight Multitasking to Objective-C in the first place; namely to provide a means for supporting a higher-level class of object than Objective-C supports directly.
The original article from which both of the above originated. Describes a multitasking/exception handling library I developed as a Stepstone product library but never released as a product.
TaskMaster: Card-level Objects and User-Programmable System
An early article on a lightweight multitasking and exception handling library for Objective-C and their role in building user-programmable systems.
NeXT Acquires Objective-C
Objective-C Influence on Java

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