Updated May 7, 1998 by Brad Cox

Effects of Technological Innovation on Organizations

A GMU Proposal in Response to the 1998
NSF Knowledge and Distributed Intelligence Solicitation

This is to help facilitate the formation of a GMU proposal team by the deadline for submission of our proposal to sponsored programs of May 4 1997.

Table of Contents

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Project Summary
Progress to date on the project summary.

Project Description
Progress to date on the project description.

References used in the project description.

Project Budget
Progress to date on the budget explanation.

Sponsored programs' budget spreadsheet (an Excel 95 document)

Coordination Technology in Higher Education
Written for another project to describe the distinction between communication technology and coordination technology and how this applies to higher education.

The NSF KDI solicitation we're responding to.

The participants in this proposal.

Letter of Intent
The letter of intent that was submitted for the April 1 deadline outlining what we plan to pursue in this proposal.

Word Versions
Word97 versions built from the html original via Internet Assistant.