MyBank Digital Rights Management System

Mybank.dom is a digital rights and revenue management demonstration for a new kind of digital property, the eProduct.

An eProduct might be a unigranular product such as an audio (mp3) file, video file, digital document, computer program or subroutine. But it could as easily be multigranular, assembled from smaller granularity eProducts that your eProduct buys with the income it earns when it uses them. MyBank supports digital supply chains where you buy what you need it when you use it.

eProduct owners can distribute eProducts without charge, assured that the price specified when the eProduct was registered will be collected when it is used. Pricing is usage-based, so revenue flows when an eProduct is used, not when it is acquired (on a CD, downloaded, installed or decrypted). Copying becomes the solution instead of the problem since every new user is another paying customer.

It works just like a checking account at a bank. When you regsiter an account, you download a free checkbook to install on your computer. To buy eProducts, activate the checkbook with your account name and password. The checkbook will debit the price of each eProduct when you use it. Instead of a monthly statement, you review transactions online with browser. The free step by step tour is all you need to get started.

Technology Feasibility Demonstration

The mybank.dom technology is functional now, but as a feasibility demonstration, not a supported product. Its ability to transfer funds betweeen it's internal micro acounts and external accounts via the Automated Clearing House is turned off. The name, mybank.dom, is a place holder for an eventual company name.

Its purpose is to solicit investment capital to make this system commercially available. Call 703-361-4751 or email Brad Cox.
MyAccount Start here if you prefer to explore the system on your own. Links for registering a free MyBank account, logging in, downloading the checkbook application, and using it to affect your (fictional) account balance are here.
Buyers For those interested in using eProducts, as distinct from packaging your own eProducts for sale, this leads you through registering an account, acquiring a checkbook, purchasing a demonstration program (with fictional money) and reviewing the resulting transactions against your account.
Sellers For those interested in selling eProducts via the mybank.dom system. This will lead you through registering an account, adding an eProduct to your account's inventory, and instrumenting your product for revenue collection via this system.
Investors For investors interested in helping to form a company to bring mybank.dom to market.
Security For those interested in how the system protects itself from tampering and other forms of fraud.
Implementation For system implementors who want to see how this system is constructed as a collection of java applications and servlets and a MySQL relational database.

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