A Project with Paradoxical Goals

Electronic Community

Groupware, Teamwork, Lotus Notes, Folio Views, MOOs, MUDs

Electric Communities is developing secure, scalable Internet-based social systems and virtual communities. Electric Communities is also developing the technology need to create large-scale network-based social systems. Our first tool is E, a set of extensions which transform Java into an Internet programming language. Developer's Release 2.0 for Solaris, Windows NT, and Windows 95 is available. The founders of Electric Communities developed the first graphic online community, Habitat This is an exclusive collection of papers, all written by the folks at Electric Communities. Be sure not to miss Commerce and Society in Cyberspace.

Putting Personality in your PC LA Times [bjc: I tried hard to agree with this article's thesis that computers should become more social and friendly (ala Microsoft's "Bob"). But I wound up convinced that this approach is fundamentally misguided. Computers are no longer things; alienating objects that need to be gussied up with cartoon characters to convince people to tolerate computers' idiosyncracies. Now that telecommunications are mainstream computers are places, not things. They're windows; places through which people reach out to one another, not things that keep us in isolation. Thos cartoon animations are going to be perceived as distractions by interfering with the transparency of those windows.]

BioMOO What is BioMOO? BioMOO is a virtual meeting place for biologists, connected to the Globewide Network Academy. The main physical part of the BioMOO is located at the BioInformatics Unit of the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel. BioMOO is a professional community of Biology researchers. It is a place to come meet colleagues in Biology studies and related fields and brainstorm, to hold colloquia and conferences, to explore the serious side of this new medium.

The Spring The Spring invites folks from the MIT Media MOO to join our community with similar ideals in Austin, Texas. telnet spring.com and sign on as new via telnet.

What is a MUD or MOO? First, an introduction to the terminology: MUD : Multi User Domain (aka Multi User Dungeon, Multi User Dominion) MOO : MUD Object Oriented MAUD : Multi Academic User Domain Next, an outline: MUDs, MOOs and MAUDs are server programs which run on the internet. They allow multiple user access via telnet. For example, to access the Painted Porch MAUD, one would telnet to maud.cariboo.bc.ca port 4000.

Spring Interactive Forum The Spring needs beta testers for its new virtual community interface on the web. This is revolutionary because, for the first time, the users of a system are building their own community and interacting directly with the designers of the system. It's like the Field of Dreams "if you build it, they will come" type of thing with the difference being that all the members of the community are building it together. It's like one of the old Shaker barn raisings, where everyone in the community came out and helped build a home. Did you see this in the movie "Witness"? We've been playing the barn raising music score from this movie at the Spring offices and there's an excitement here that's hard to describe. Gives you goose bumps. So grab your hammer, and nailbag and make something for our virtual potluck because the barn's going up now, the virtual Spring on the World Wide Web.

A MOO-Based Collaborative Hypermedia System for WWW by Tom Meyer , David Blair, and Suzanne Hader This paper describes the development of a networked collaborative hypermedia system intended to support groups of writers and scholars in writing and publishing hypertext fiction and criticism. The current system supports the importation of individually-developed Storyspace hypertext documents into a MUD-based collaborative workspace for integration and expansion, and allows for the immediate publication of these dynamically-generated multimedia documents onto the World-Wide Web. In addition, we provide a forms-based writing and linking interface to the text, so that writers can write using either the MUD-based or the forms-based authoring tools.


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