Java Cryptography Objects Release 0.1

JCO (Java Cryptographic Objects is a free (open source) cryptographic package that features simplicity over complexity and stiffness over flexibility. You can download it here.

If you really need the flexibility to tie yourself in knots, Sun's JCA and JCE providers like BouncyCastle provide all that and more. But if all you want is to generate keys, to encode/decode objects for storage, to seal and unseal (encrypt and decrypt) objects, and to sign and verify signatures, JCO provides all that in an easily understood and intuitive API and a footprint of less than 90kb (compressed jar size).

Download Instructions

Download jco.tgz to your hard drive. Remember where you put it for the next step.

Expand the jar where ever you like. Assuming /usr/local, type

cd /usr/local
tar zxf path/to/jco.tgz

This will create a directory named jco (or overwrite any existing one) with these contents:

jco/edu.virtualschool.jco.jar and jco/dox
This jar contains everything you need to use JCO in your application. Just add it to your classpath and skip the rest of these instructions. The Documentation link at the top of this page provide quick-start documentation. Java API documentation is in the jdo/doc directory.
Source distribution: the source itself is straightforward but compiling it is not because: (1) compilation requires libraries that aren't provided with this distribution, notably BouncyCastle and JWAA. (2) The build process uses the ProGuard obfuscator to remove the parts of these distributions that JCO doesn't need.
This ant build script assumes compiled sources in the bin directory (not provided; I rely on eclipse to build these), combines them with the BouncyCastle binaryJCE distribution, and uses the ProGuard obfuscator with obfuscation turned off to build a jar that only includes code referenced by the JCO API.

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